The Author

Alexander Jovy, the Author of I am CyrusAlexander Jovy  is a film director and producer. After completing his schooling at Aiglon College in Switzerland he moved to England and obtained a law degree at the University of Buckingham. He furthermore attended The College of Law in York.

After initially planning a legal career, Alex decided that making films and telling narrative stories was his real passion and  with little formal training he produced a film called Holiday Romance which was nominated for the Academy Award.

Alex has directed over 40 television commercials as well as award-winning short and feature films.  His feature film Sorted enjoyed worldwide success and in 2002 Channel 4 made a prime-time television series featuring him called Movie Virgins. Alex has written a number of screenplays and is attached to direct various new films, currently specializing in 3D. Alex is the founder and CEO of, an X-Factor-like competition for actors on the web.


3 Comments on “The Author”

  1. […] UK, May 2011 — Garnet Publishing has acquired the world rights to the novel I am Cyrus, by Alexander Jovy. This debut novel by the renowned Oscar nominee film director Alexander Jovy covers the life and […]

  2. shahrokh says:

    Thanks Alex,Love you. S

  3. Thank you for this great book Alex, I would love nothing more than to see the film now. Consider me for the role when you start casting 🙂 Thanks again.

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